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Latest reviews
Francis J. O'neill Elementary School - Central Islip - Submitted by: lonnie Im a: Former Student Date: 24/05/2014
i went to the scholl back in 1972-77. I still have flash backs of all the good times while there.the teacher that I remember the most is Mr Michael stein. he was an out stnding teacher. I will never forget him! all and all this is a great school to learn at!! I even played played football at the bottom of the hill for central islip. Mr stein you are one of the teachers I had. you should get the golden apple peace prize this is Lonnie messiah/winn thank you very much franice j o'neill!!!!
Orlando Tech - Orlando - Submitted by: Connie Im a: Former Student Date: 01/05/2014
I attended the L.P.N. program -graduating 1976. I would love to connect with any classmates. The school was a pleasure to attend.
Lawrence D. Crocker Elementary School - New Orleans - Submitted by: Pamela Im a: Former Student Date: 30/04/2014
I attended L. D. Crocker the first year it opened. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Upon graduating from college I became a teacher at L.D. Crocker. This school was a pillar to the uptown community. I truly wish that it would open again. I would commute daily to be a part of that great educational institution which was instrumental in the educational and occupational success of many former students.
Latest Pictures submissions
The following pictures were taken by students or former students:
Submitted by: kenneth butler (Former Student) - Date of picture: 6/1976
Description: i am looking for my graduation picture from 1976, I am a former student that live in Delaware. can you please send the picture to my email. my name is Kenneth butler
Submitted by: christina (Student) - Date of picture: 9/1988
Description: of when i went too school
Submitted by: Bruce (Former Student) - Date of picture: 12/1962
Description: Pictured is the Dutemple School Boy's Choir -directed by Mr Paul Mancini - before he became director of the infamous Cranston High School East A Cappella Choir.
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