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Minnesota School Of Cosmetology - Oakdale - Submitted by: Meg Im a: Former Student Date: 05/09/2010
Any school will give you an education if you're willing to ask for it. I attended MSC in 2006, have been working in the industry ever since, and I have nothing but great things to say about this school. We all pick and whine about the little things in school and how things can be 'unfair' but after graduating and attending classes through employers I found that MSC was teaching things that other schools were not. I felt like I was prepared enough for my clients right off the bat. I continue...
Oak Ridge Elementary - Eagan - Submitted by: Sabrena Im a: Former Student Date: 27/07/2010
Most of the teachers at Oak ridge had mostly tought me allot of things in my 5 years there, But the most subject I've learned on the last days of life at Oak ridge is that you do or learn anything witha allot of hope through it and i will keep that through my years at Black Hawk and so on.
Westwood Elementary - Blaine - Submitted by: jennifer Im a: Former Student Date: 26/12/2009
I was a student a long time ago and I wish I had the chance to stay there but I had to move but the teachers here are the nicest people u will ever meetm
Richardson Elementary - North Saint Paul - Submitted by: Elizabeth Im a: Parent Date: 01/10/2009
All in all I am EXTREMELY happy with this school! The teachers are great, the nurse is great...everyone is just so nice and friendly. These people really care about the children they watch. I am especially happy and grateful for the wonderful teachers and aids in the FAN program. They really work WITH the children and the parents. My daughter and I feel really welcome in this school. My daughter loves this school and her teachers in the FAN program so much that during spring break, she kept...
New Spirit Middle School - Saint Paul - Submitted by: rose Im a: Parent Date: 18/08/2009
the teachers are good and honest people and try hard and all of them love kids so new spirit school is the number 1 school in my book!

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